The saying “Different strokes for different folks” also applies to the jobs we do. Because different professions have different unwritten and unspoken rules that guide them, we decided to find out what they were. So, before you think of venturing into any of these career paths, here are some of the unofficial rules you should know.

Graphic designer

A very important rule for up-and-coming designers is to ensure you add an extra day for sleep and rest when giving a timeline for your work.  It’s also normal to assume a person is judging your design process simply because they’re watching you work.


Always have your notes close. Whether it’s on your phone or an actual notepad, make sure you have something to jot things down. Ideas come at weird times, and if you don’t write them down, you’ll forget. Or worse, you’ll end up with a topic later on, but no idea how you got there.

Customer service officer

We say we’re happy to get back to you just so we can get off the call. Scam. We actually aren’t looking forward to calling you back.

Project manager

Even if the job says 9-5, you’ll be stuck talking to developers at night.


There’s only so much Photoshop can do to help with bad make-up. But don’t tell your client their makeup is ugly sha, especially if it’s a wedding. Just run it like that and do the best you can.

Make-up artist

Be ready to be their assistant because even though your job is about the face, you‘ll also have to look after their whole fit. So you’ll help with zipping dresses, adjusting jewellery, fixing weaves, etc. — things they didn’t pay you for.


Software developer

You can’t tell a client that wants to build an app that his idea is not very smart.


You have to keep a low online profile. Kids will always be snooping around the internet to see what you’re up to outside of school. So if you must be online, make sure your accounts are private or at least PG-approved. And don’t use a particular phrase too much because your students will turn it into your nickname.


Always be observant of your client’s mood. Do they want silence or do they want to gist? This will influence how you interact with them. Although most times, they may want to rant, so your job is to listen.


Always use references, as you need to have others to copy from. Also, keep in mind that clients will always promise future jobs when asking for discounts. Don’t fall for it, because if they eventually refer you to others, it’ll be other clients begging for discounts too. 

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