If you’re a man who grew up in Nigeria, chances are that you’ve heard one or more of these:

7) “Don’t collect food from just any woman because of love potion.”

Only if it was that easy.

6) “If you leave your hair at the barber’s shop, your destiny can enter voicemail.”

Early 2000s were rough.

scared person ielts Zikoko

5) “If you wear loose boxers instead of tight pants or boxers, your penis will grow out of proportion and embarrass you.”

Who wouldn’t like that sort of embarrassment?

4) “If a man is beaten with a broom, he’ll go impotent.”

I low key believe this one because that’s what that party with broom sign is doing to our country.

3) “Oshodi is a dangerous place for your manhood.”

Because agents of darkness are lurking and hoping to steal it.

2) “Washing a woman’s underwear is caused by juju/jazz.”


1) “You only look responsible on skin cut/skodo.”

The greatest lie ever!

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