I’ve always been a fan of Google. I mean, you can ask the search engine pretty much everything and you won’t be judged for it. I guess I’m not the only one on this table. However, Google collects and stores all this data, and now we know some of the things you people are searching for.

1. I get a lot of things here, but why are so many people researching how to be Yahoo Boys?

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Hushpuppi is in a fix right now

2. You people are having a lot of sex, aren’t you?

3. And you like money too

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know about how Nigerians move money in and out of their lives? Well, Naira Life is your plug.

4. Heh, good to see that we brought the “Acrimony” debate here too

5. I don’t know about others but I see Nigerian men all over 1 and 3

Also, has the definition of a noun changed? I’m still using the definition I learned in primary school.

6. Normalise paying for the content you consume, you guys

7. A lot of important questions here

Thankfully, we can tell you when you will get married, when you will meet your soulmate, and when you will have your first child. You should have come to us in the first place

8. What’s going on here?

We can’t tell you if it’s wrong to be a sugar baby. However, we can tell you what to look out for in a sugar daddy.

9. What do you people do on your browsers?

Why isn’t how to make puff-puff at number 1?


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