From not understanding how Twitter works to falling madly in love with it, this is a route that is all too familiar for a lot of people. If you can relate, spread the gospel.

1. First, you didn’t understand how Twitter worked and your followers didn’t grow so you abandoned it.

Ain’t nobody got time for all that.

2. But then you started seeing savage tweets on Instagram.

Savage Replies on Twitter: "😂😂😂… "

And you’re thinking, “Is it the same Twitter I know or did they develop another one?”

3. And on people’s status.

Savage Replies on Twitter: "😂😂😂… "

This premium humour.

4. And then it occurred to you that this Twitter might be interesting.

Think About It Reaction GIF by Identity - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hmm. Is it not time to go back to my first love like this?

5. So you reactivated your account.

fell down the rabbit hole | Tumblr

Hello, hello. Look who’s back!

6. And by a stroke of luck, you happened to follow the influencers with tweets and the drama

Dino Melaye escapes from kidanppers | The Guardian Nigeria News ...

Drama mixed with entertainment and a bit of assorted wahala.

7. And suddenly, you became hooked.

GIF spongebob squarepants season 1 hooky - animated GIF on GIFER

8. This is how you check Twitter every minute

Wetin dey shele?

9. You, waiting for your followers to increase.

Who knows, me sef I might become a celeb on this app.

10. You, when you unfollow those who won’t follow you back

Bro Who Is Your Bro GIF - Bro WhoIsYourBro Bobrisky - Discover ...

Geddifok dear.

11. You, every time they are dragging someone

This is kuku what I came here for. Start, abeg.


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