You’re probably on the wrong side of Twitter NG if you’ve not seen any tweets from user, @deoors. Recently, I saw a couple of really nice tweets from him, so I decided to do a deep dive on his account and find some more bangers.

You’ll smile (or chuckle a bit) throughout this post.

1. He didn’t lie.

2. No way!

3. But is it ok?

4. You don’t even have to watch football to get this one.

5. Well, that got dark quickly.

6. Don’t fucking kill me.

7. Money jokes? Yes please.

8. Someone tell Okocha to get ready for a photoshoot because this should be an ad.

9. They speak the queen’s english because they’re training for IELTS.

10. C’est fini.

11. This guy uses jazz.

12. This one

13. JAMB question?

14. This one bangs.

15. Again, an ad.

16. To be or not to be.

17. This one was hot.

18. No words…

19. Ladies and gentlemen…BIOLOGY!

20. “Don’t leave me!”

21. I’m dead.

22. Someone needs to stop this guy.

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