Today is Mother’s Day. Yes, we think mothers should be celebrated everyday, and so after reading this post, we expect you to make the habit of celebrating your mother a daily thing. Mothers are the best thing since sliced bread, bester than the bestest.

1. Call her and pray for her.

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Thank her for all her labour of love towards you. Thank her for always being there. Thank her for bringing you into the world. Now pray for her. We shouldn’t be telling you how to pray for your own mother now, should we? But we suggest that you do this prayer and call in your native language. It strikes a chord with mothers.

2. Show up at her place and treat her to premium enjoyment.

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Play dress up with her. Do her make-up, try Snapchat filters with her. Flip the switch with her. You can also willingly offer yourself as house-girl or house-boy. Cook for her, gist with her, and never stop reminding her of how much you love her.

3. Do a surprise delivery for her.

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Let her wake up to a surprise package from you. Think of one thing she likes and have it delivered to her house. Think of something she has always wanted and buy it for her. The joy on her face when she sees it is enough reward.

4. Take her on a date.

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A date is not only supposed to be for your romantic partners, we hope you know that? If you have never taken your mother on a date, then this is time to do so. Do this with care though, remember that we are supposed to self-isolate.

5. Book a spa session for her.

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You know she deserves it, right? Spoil your mother silly today. And every other day too.

6. Or a complete makeover appointment.

Image result for nigerian mother make up before and after

See the beauty. Let your mother’s beauty be brought out too. Not just today Mother’s Day alone, but every day.



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