The Zikoko Guide To Self-Care In These Corona Times

March 23, 2020

There are a number of things that become important when a global pandemic goes double platinum with the sick beat it made, Thanos- snapping the world into quarantine.

Playing (and winning) hide and seek against said virus definitely takes centre stage. Avoiding a beat down while threatening your parents to stay indoors probably follows suit. Putting affairs in order should the worst come to pass are easy examples of things that will take up most of your time.

self-care coronavirus

What wrongly gets pushed to the side however is the matter of self-care. We bet not a lot of thought has gone into your well-being while the coronavirus rages, which is why we came up with a handy Coronavirus self-care list to make sure you come up tops when this is finally over.

Give social media a break when it gets overwhelming.

Because information is absolutely necessary during his period, it might seem like the Coronavirus is taking a page from Sanwo-Olu’s campaign book in 2019 and popping up everywhere you scroll on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and whatever other app the cool kids are on these days.
Because of that, we recommend, in addition. Social distancing, you add a little room for some social media distancing. Take breaks, as long as you need to give your mind a break from the information overload.


While turning off all the excess noise from social media, now is the best time to take up meditation. Also, think of all the fuel you’ll be saving when you don’t turn your generator on while NEPA does it’s business because you’re too busy discovering yourself!

Create a list of things you enjoy doing and stick to them.

You can do this daily, switch it up. My list for today looked a little something like this:

1.Drink (irrelevant what this liquids alcoholic content was).
2.Learn to play the violin on YouTube.
3.Take a break to do shots.
4.Repeat number one. 5. Pretend to work. 6. Solve world peace.


self-care coronavirus

We all knew when you swore before God, man, Twitter and your 2020 journal that this would be the year you began exercising. So tell us why, after working from home, this Coronavirus will end without your waist snatched and all your t-shirts unbearable because you’ve developed too many muskus?

Eat healthy.

coronavirus self-care

And we’re not just saying this because you need to stay indoors and ration your supplies. Take care of your body by eating food high in nutrients, low carb and high protein. Your summer body will thank you for it. Plus, the Coronavirus will only be able to have from outside the club because your super charge anti-bodies won’t let it in.

Tidy your room

coronavirus self-care

‘The Chair’ has some clothes you haven’t seen in two years and underneath your bed might be hosting the second coming of the Coronavirus. Distract yourself from the madness of the Coronavirus and de-clutter while you can.

What self-help tips will you be trying out?

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