Ahan, welcome oh. So you too want to date someone with flat stomach? LEEMAO. The jokes write themselves. I have 7 simple questions for you. Answer them with all the honesty in your heart.

1. First of all, you yourself, do you have flat stomach?

After all, you cannot lack something and be looking for it in someone else.

2. Where in the 7 commandments did you see “Thou shall make flat stomach your dating criteria”?

Show me and I will personally help you find someone with flat stomach.

3. Let me ask, that flat stomach you are looking for in your partner, what do you want to use it for?

Show off, or what?

4. Okay, let’s even assume that you meet someone with flat stomach. Has that ended all the problems you are battling with?

Answer nau

5. Or did your babalawo command you to bring a babe with flat stomach?

Talk, we are hearing you.

6. Ahan, you don vex? Oya sorry, let me tell you how to meet a babe with flat stomach.

Sorry, I will talk.

7. Date a snake. Na them get flat stomach pass.

Love and light in your latest relationship. May your path stay flat, boss.



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