I won’t even lie, Yoruba daddies are a mood. From the way they dress, to their cars, and the kind of parties they throw, it’s a vibe.

So, what do you need to start your journey to Yoruba daddy goodness?

Find out below:

1) Get Agbada.

Very important.

2) You need these shoes next.

Step two.

3) Add “my dear” to your vocabulary.

“My dear, koni baje baby.”

4) Follow it up by also adding “mummy wa” to your vocabulary.

“Mummy wa, it’s not what it looks like.”

5) Swear by Ayinde Wasiu’s music.

6) Learn how to be dramatic.

A must have skill.

7) You must never miss Ojude Oba at all cost.

OJude Oba is like Yoruba Afro nation. All the big boys attend.

8) Buy a jeep.

You can’t wear Agbada and be driving Camry.

9) Join a club.

Super important for networking.

10) Unlock the first name basis level.

“Don’t call me sir, call me (insert name)”

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