You’re thinking of going home to your family for the Christmas holiday. Wait first, there are pros and cons to this. Read on to find out.  

Pro: You won’t pay any bills 

For a few weeks, you won’t pay light bills or buy fuel or groceries. You’ll have all the freedom to put on all the lights and ACs, and finish all the food. Because it’s not your money that’ll be wasted. 

Con: You’ll spend money to get there 

Are you seeing the cost of flights now? If you plan to go home, be ready to spend your entire December budget on ticket money. 

Pro: Plenty of food

Families like to cook up a feast during Christmas. You’ll get to eat everything you’ll never cook in your house — exotic fried rice, turkey, party jollof, pepper soup, etc. 

Con: You may be the one to cook it

You think just because you don’t live with your family anymore, they’ll treat you as a guest when you come? You think they’ll enter the kitchen, and you’ll be in the living room watching TV and pressing phone? Just get ready to cut onions. 

Pro: Family drama

It simply isn’t possible for family to be gathered in one place, and there won’t be drama. Even if nothing happens, you’ll hear stories of all the chaotic things different family members have been involved in. That’s how you’ll find out that Uncle Jude recently got a BBL for himself and his side chick. 

Con: You’ll be asked a lot of questions 

You should already know to expect certain questions. Especially if you’re single. Get ready to be asked about work, your love life, tattoos and piercings, religion, etc. 

Pro: You’ll bond with your family 

You’ll get to spend quality time with the people you love but haven’t seen in a long time. You’ll get to catch up, laugh, play games, watch movies, and do other fun things together.

Con: They’ll control your outings 

You’ll get dressed for a concert at 11 p.m., and your family members will begin to preach to you about going out at such an “ungodly” hour. They’ll talk and nag until they wear you down, and you decide to stay home. 

Pro: You can ask for money

All your rich uncles and aunties will be around during the holidays. Bill them. Ask them to pay for your next rent, and maybe, your detty December outings. 

Con: You’ll be billed

You’re also someone’s rich relative, and so, you shall be billed accordingly. Your “baby” cousin will remember their phone has spoilt or they want money for Uber to their friend’s house.



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