The Okada Ban Is Ruining Everything, Even Valentine’s Day.

February 10, 2020

Hate it or love it, every year on February 14th ⁠— people everywhere revel in the excessive financial posturing and capitalist monster of Valentine’s Day.

From roses, to cake and all the presents your friends on Instagram will DM heart eye emojis at, there’s everything to look forward on Valentine’s Day 2020. Or there was until the okada ban happened.

Now we all know how the okada/keke ban in Lagos State has affected the drivers and passengers alike; but it’s well on the way to affecting valentine’s day as well. Doubt it? Here’s proof:

After you just finished strolling from Obalende to your office on Adeola Odeku and they tell you to walk downstairs to pick a surprise cake from your boyfriend.

Your cake after the dispatch rider finished physically fighting 4 LASTMA agents who thought he was a regular okada rider.

Everybody’s red and white after they’ve finished walking around Lagos because of the okada ban.

Your colleagues after they finished fighting a conductor for adding ₦ 100 to the bus fare that morning, and your girlfriend thinks she can disturb their lives with a trumpet greeting.

The way you and your boyfriend look at each other when the Uber Surge is saying X20 because of the okada ban after you’ve made dinner reservations at RSVP.

Your single self when you return home after walking to and from work and there’s no bae or mistake Valentine’s Day present waiting for you.

When you’re walking with the Valentine’s gift for the LOYL and a previously employed bike rider robs you because the government took his livelihood away.

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