Chime: “Hey, your shoes are nice”
Dorothy: “Oh thanks! Yours are nice as well”
Chime: “Thank you”.

The above conversation, (or any variations of it) has never happened in Nigerian history. Nigerians are not people to accept compliments. If you compliment a Nigerian, you’ll probably hear them say something like:

1. “It’s not me, it’s God”

Yes. This is a classic. Give all the glory to God because all good things are from him. You can’t have anyone thinking you’re proud or trying to take God’s glory.

2. “Stop whining me”

No sir. I don’t have the time nor the energy to sit here and whine you. I really think your skin is glowing. Please accept my compliment and let me move on with my day.

3. “You that…”

It can be anything, but this response to comments by Nigerians is like a reverasl. They’ll find something about you that they like and praise you for it to their own detriment.

Chime: “Hey, your shoes are nice”
Dorothy: “You that you have ten shoes, and me that I’m just managing this one. God will do my own sha”
Chime: ???

4. “Me that…”

This one is also a Nigerian classic. When someone tells you that they like your handwriting and you reply with “Me that I’ve not eaten today”, you just know that you’re 100% Nigerian. No need for a genetics test.

5. “Are you serious?”

This one is for the Nigerians who like fishing for compliments. They’ll either act like they didn’t hear you, or ask if you’re serious so you can say more and boost their ego. Be wary of these people.

If someone hits you with any of these, just reply them with



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