People cry at work all the time, majorly because of work stress. But here are 10 other times it’s perfectly okay to shed premium tears in the office. 

When you forget your lunch at home

Do you know how painful it is to pack your lunch for work the night before only to forget it at home in the morning? Now, it’s lunchtime, and you don’t have food to eat. Just sit in one corner and cry.  

When a colleague decides to sit with you during lunch

You just want to eat in peace without forming a fake conversation. The only 30 minutes you get to yourself during the entire work day, someone wants to use it to discuss how work is stressing them. God, abeg.

When your boss gives you work five minutes to closing time

It’s 5:55 p.m., and you’ve packed your bag, ready to go, but your boss decides they want to take away the shred of joy you have left. They suddenly have one big task for you to do that they couldn’t give you during the day. 

When your team member goes on leave

Now, all the work is on your head. You’re doing their work plus yours — which is already stressful enough — for the next two weeks. And, of course, your boss won’t hear that you’re just one person with one head and two arms. They expect the same turnaround time as if two people are doing the work.

When half of the team japa

Half of the team has left the company for greener pastures in other countries. Meanwhile, you’re still here, not because you believe in Nigeria, but because you don’t have money to leave. To make it worse, your company isn’t planning to replace them anytime soon.

When your free ride isn’t going to work 

You took Uber to work because the colleague you usually carpooled with fell sick. Now, ₦4,000 (your entire monthly transport budget) has left your account. In this economy? 

When your Wi-Fi messes up 

You’re about to get into an important meeting with a client, and your Wi-Fi says, “Not today, dear”. Everyone will now think you’re late. 

When your boss comes to the office 

Your boss coming to the office means more work and no peace of mind. Every five minutes, you’re being called for one thing or the other. The worst part is you can’t leave the office early. 

When you send an email with typos 

You’ve read this email ten times, edited it with various grammar apps and seen no errors. But after you send it to a client, copying your boss, you see, “Kind regrds”, “Plose and attached” and” Per my last emil”. It’s over for you.

When you lie to your boss, and they find out 

You tell your boss you’ve done the work they gave you two weeks ago. Meanwhile, you haven’t even opened the document. Now, they’ve asked for the work, and you don’t have it. To make it worse, you have to request access from him to open the document.

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