Are you an Igbo man who wants to serenade his wife every time you call her name? Do you want her cheeks to turn a bright red whenever she hears her name?

Surely, you know you can’t achieve this level of hot romance with just her government name. If you are out there for name options that’ll make her melt a little, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of 30 sweet Igbo names to call your wife.

30 Sweet Igbo Names to Call Your Wife

Anyanwu Ututu

It means “morning sun”, and it’s the cutest way to let her know she lightens up your world.


If you’ve found yourself a woman with a royal bloodline.

Odim N’obi

It means “The one in my heart”. This name will let her know she’s got no rival.


It means a good thing. And you know what they say about he who finds a wife? Exactly.

Nwanyin Oma

If she’s a good woman by all ramifications.


It’s short, loving and tender.


Let’s just say this is the Igbo version of “Honey”.

Akwa Ugo

It means precious eagle egg. Ask yourself, is she not the most precious person in your life?

Ego Oyinbo

If your woman is a cash madam that makes it rain.

Mma Nkem Obi’m

This might be a mouthful but it means “The beauty of my heart”. So sweet.

Eze Nwanyin Obi’m

Another mouthful which means “Queen of My Heart”.

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Use this name if her beauty is second to none.


It means “My Own”. No better way to reassure your woman.


This is the Igbo version of “Sweety”.

Onu Ugu M

It means “The tender end of the Ugu leaf”. This name is a way of letting your woman know she’s delicate and pretty.


It means “My heart”. Ask yourself, is she not?

Ukwu Venza

If your woman is endowed with a big behind.


Because in your eyes, she’s the most beautiful woman that walks this earth.


It means “The King’s pride”. Use this name if you’re a royal who’s found the absolute LOYL.

Tomato Jos

No better way to let her know she’s the fairest in the land.

Nwanyi Murumu

It means “My precious one”.

Olu gbajie

This cheeky Igbo name means “Neck break for your beauty”. Call your woman this as a constant reminder of how hot she is.


This Igbo name means “My beautiful woman”. It’s another way of appreciating her beauty.


It means “You don’t go under the sun”. Use this name if you want your wife to know she’s not one to stress.

Oyoyo M

This one means “My dearest one”.

Obi di ya

This name means “Her husband’s heart”. Use it to constantly remind your woman that she’s all that matters to you.

Akwa Ugo

It’s Igbo for “Eagle’s egg”. And one thing about this particular type of egg? It’s precious and highly cherished.


It’s Igbo for “Beauty to behold”.

Asa Nwa

Another way of appreciating your woman’s beauty in Igbo. It means “Beautiful child”.

Oriaku M

Only use this name if you’re an Odogwu because it means “Spender of my money”.

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