1. You knew you were almost blind, but you refused to spoil your swag with glasses.

Can’t stain my bad guy.

2. You, trying to see the board whenever you sat anywhere except the front of the class:

You still refused to sit in the front with all those oversabis.

3. When you wanted to cheat during a test, but you couldn’t see your friend’s paper.

Is this my life?

4. When you finally accepted your fate and told your mother you need glasses:

Hian! From where to where?

5. You, trying to read the second line on the optician’s chart:


6. The lens struggle:

The worst.

7. When you wore your glasses for the first time and realized how blind you actually are.


8. Then your mother tried to force you to wear your glasses with that yeye rope.

You sha want to dead my swegz completely.

9. Whenever someone asked if your glasses were “shakommended”.

See question.

10. Whenever your friends tried on your glasses and shouted, “You’re blind oh!”

You don’t mean it?

11. Whenever your friends started asking, “How many fingers am I…”

Save it.

12. Whenever a teacher assumed you were smart because of your glasses.

Abeg oh!

13. Whenever people started debating whether you look better with or without your glasses.

Go and debate over Nigeria’s economy, biko.

14. “Do you take your bath with your glasses?”

Have sense na.

15. You, trying to wear contacts for the very first time:

What is this torture?

16. The ultimate struggle of trying to find your glasses without your glasses:

Kuku kill me.

17. You, still waiting for your eyesight to “improve” like the optician promised.

I hate lies.


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