1) People start will start telling you that the hair at the top of your head is thinning and you’ll be like:

“Are you mad? I’m only 20!”

2) You’ll constantly look at your hair in the mirror and ask, “Bald where?!”

With all this hair? Haters are gonna hate, abeg.

3) At some point, you’ll realize that your edges no longer grow back when you carve them during haircuts.

You’re still in denial at this point so you’ll blame your barber.

4) One day you’ll decide to lower your afro at the barbershop and it will never grow back to the former height again.


5) You’ll start thinking of all the ways you can fight baldness.

Didn’t Rooney the footballer have a hair transplant?

6) Then you’ll remember that unlike Rooney, you’re poor as shit and can’t afford a hair transplant.

This life sha.

7) You’ll go buy one of those creams that promise fast hair growth.

The packaging will say, “Contains 100% Indian Hemp” and that’s all it’ll take for you to throw your money at the person selling it.

8) Then you’ll realize that you’ve been scammed and that you’ve lost even more hair since you started using the cream.


9) You’ll look at old pictures of yourself from when you still had hair and ask Mother Nature why this is happening to you.

NBA news: Michael Jordan's crying meme becomes a tattoo

“Who did I offend?”

10) Eventually, you’ll give in and accept your fate.

Nature, do whatever you want with me.

11) Then just like Bald Icon, 2Face, you’ll start shaving your head completely. You’ll finally be at peace with your baldness.

Like Katy Perry once said, “Acceptance is the key to being truly free.”

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