We all agree friendship breakups hurt the most, especially when it’s unexpected. So we’re here to make sure you’re at least not blindsided when it happens. The moment your friend starts doing these things, know they’re about to cut you off. 

They don’t pick up your call on the first ring

First, they pick up after the first three rings. Next, they start making you call twice. Before you know it, they’ve blocked you. Better shine your eyes.

You send them memes, and they don’t reply

Every day, you surf the internet looking for ways to put a smile on their faces, and they can’t acknowledge your hard work? It won’t be long till they ghost you. Trust us. 

They don’t comment on your pictures

You post a hot picture on your status, and they can’t even send you a message to gas you up? Even small fire emoji they didn’t send? They clearly don’t love you, and it shows. 

They put their partner first

All their posts and tweets are always “My babe this. My babe that”. What about you? Don’t you do anything for them? Don’t they love you? They’re laying the foundation so they can claim they married their best friend when they cut you off. 

They start giving you unsolicited advice

Out of nowhere, your friend has started calling you out for spending your last ₦2k on shawarma or lying to get out of work. A good friend should support all your decisions, even the bad ones. So when they start pointing out your bad habits, o ti lo.

They have inside jokes with other people

They’re already making memories with others. There’s no way for them to defend this. And before you know it, they’ve forgotten about you. 

They start keeping secrets from you

You’re always the one giving them gist. Every time you ask them what’s happening, they’ll give you one vague response, “Nothing interesting”. They know what they’re doing. 

They return the things they borrow

You may think it’s a good thing, but you don’t know they’re trying to remove all reminders of you from their life. A good friend will take your blouse and not return it, at least, until you ask.

They go out without you

The moment they start going out, especially with other friends, and posting fun pictures and videos about it, pack your bags. They don’t have the mind to break up with you directly, so they’re trying to pepper you and start fights. 

They make jokes about cutting you off

Ahan! If they “threatened” to block or cut you off, what’s left to say again? It’s a new year, they’ll definitely do it. It’s only a matter of time. 

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