While watching TV, you must’ve seen someone in the corner throwing their fingers around like they’re doing gang signs and can’t wait until the programme is done before passing their message. We’re here to tell you that those are, in fact, not gang signs. It’s sign language, and the person is an interpreter. 

Sign language is a system of communication that uses visual gestures and signs to communicate with deaf people. Just the way there’re many languages around the world, there’re also over 300 sign languages. Many of them vary from country to country, regardless of official languages. For example, British Sign Language (BSL) is different from American Sign Language (ASL), even though both countries speak English. 

Sign language is getting more and more popular; we have the Nigerian Sign Language, Yoruba Sign Language, and Hausa Sign Language in Nigeria. However, for the approximately 10 million deaf people in Nigeria, ASL is the most widely used means of communication.

Sign language helps communicate with deaf people

Yes, we know you can text and write, but in a situation where you can’t, sign language is crucial. For example, you need sign language to communicate with a deaf child who only understands that method of communication.

Also, learning sign language means you now have communication access to a community you normally wouldn’t have. If you never thought of making friends with deaf people, now you can. For a more inclusive society, deaf people need to be able to communicate with more people. 

Learning a new language stimulates your brain

According to science people, learning a new language makes you smarter, improves your memory, and makes you better at multitasking. 

Knowing sign language is a skill you can put on your CV

People are paying to learn sign language. Your skill would be useful not only for social interactions but also for your bank account. 

Sign language helps you communicate without making noise

Imagine you’re in a library or a noisy room, and you need to pass a message. Just use sign language. I think people who know sign language are cool. 

…and it helps you keep secrets 

Picture this: Your boyfriend doesn’t know sign language, but your side-guy does. You guys run into one another at a store, and because you’re with your boyfriend, you can’t talk. What do you do? Use sign language to ask him, “Your place this weekend, or mine?” 


Oya, where can you learn sign language?

There’s always someone ready to give you a free full tutorial of anything you want to learn on YouTube. Hope you like ads?

Also, there are websites like Superprof and Eurekly where you can pay professionals to teach you. So what are you waiting for?



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