11 Surefire Places To Set P in Lagos

September 30, 2015

All you singles that are ready to mingle, Zikoko has got you. This, in no particular order, is a list of 12 of the coolest places to set fruitful P in Lagos:

Ebeano Supermarket

The parking lot – and aisle – of Ebeano Supermarket (any branch) is home to gloriously beautiful cars owned by gloriously beautiful people. Not to mention that the Shawarma is of God. Push that cart, sistah geh! Push the cart, my brother! One day you might push into bae! Better say amen!!


via Truppr

Go to a Truppr event and you will kill two birds with one stone! Run and burn those calories and then, scan the crowd for the man/woman of your dreams. Muscle pull is a risk you have to take.

via Truppr

Eat Drink Lagos

via Bolaji Sadare

There are levels to these things. Eat.Drink.Lagos is a blog that helps people who live in Lagos make better outdoor dining decisions. I’m sure their functions can extend to helping you find who to enjoy these better outdoor dining decisions with. Oh wait. It probably already did. They organize a lunch club for a select set of people, time and time again. Lunch dripping with class and style.


via EatDrinkLagos

Twitter DMs

Don’t under estimate the power of twitter. People are getting married off of that app. Of course, using twitter increases your chances of getting curved, but you know what they say. You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

Afropolitan Vibes

via Afropolitan Vibes

Afropolitan Vibes is a monthly live music concert for alternative music: a place where music lovers congregate to watch contemporary singer-songwriters and musicians perform mostly original works that are firmly rooted in African music origins. It’s the third Friday of every month. What I’m trying to say is: There’s a soundtrack to you trying to seize that bae. Oh and there’s palmwine.

via Afropolitan Vibes


Via Bogobiri

Bogobiri House is a sixteen room boutique hotel in Ikoyi and it’s a hub for the promotion and appreciation of art, music and local knowledge. The house regularly hosts artsy shows for the discerning audience that draws large crowds like the Open Mic Night every Thursday.

via Bogobiri

Twitter Premier League (TPL)


Via QD Salami

For TPL, wear your most flattering clothes – notice I didn’t say best, your best might not be flattering – buy a ticket for #1000 and go watch a selection of the best looking people you have ever seen come together under one stadium roof, or football. And food. If you don’t return with at least a contact or a date or a friend, examine yourself. So look out for the next edition, shouldn’t be long now.


via QD Salami

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via SmallBigChops

Good food. Great conversations. Beautiful people. In fact, SmallBigChops is doing a #TwitterGrubMingle event on October 1st, bringing the foodie community of Lagos together. Take that ‘P’ you’ve had brewing in the DMs for a while now and set it in the physical. Meet some of your favourite people from Twitter.

Lekki Ikoyi Bridge

Jogging on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge seems to be less about keeping fit, and more about everything else. From finding bae to lightly stalking hotties. Again. One stone, 5 birds. Jog now!

Cafe Neo

via panelle.com

I first heard about Cafe Neo from an American friend who said, “It’s a great place. I was able to hang out, plug in my laptop and browse the internet.” I was tempted to ask him how much he spent on food that day. But diplomacy. The bottom line is: If you can afford to hang out at Cafe Neo long enough, the P will set itself. Facts only.

via lostinlagos

Shaunz Bar

via TravelStart

Shaunz Bar runs a karaoke show every night, bring your friends so that they can help you out, and if that doesn’t work out, you could try a couple of drinks and get courage to perform in front of a crowd; Or just look for a song you know by heart and slay it.

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