Finding love as an adult in Nigeria is no easy feat, so it comes as no surprise that these absolutely insane posters are the only things that feel adequate enough to capture the struggle.

1. When all your friends are in relationships, but you’re still single to stupor.

2. When you see someone finer than you flirting with your crush.

3. When your crush looks different in pictures than they do in real life.

4. When your friends see you trying to get back with your ex.

5. You, when you haven’t had sex in forever:

6. When you start falling for a Yoruba demon.

7. When your friend breaks up with their glucose guardian and you step in.

8. When your ex sends an “I miss you” text.

9. When that annoying man in church comes up to you like:

10. When your friend bad mouths the person you like and then goes and marries them.

11. When your babe traps your destiny with her cooking.

12. When your side piece is waiting for your main bae to mess up.

13. When you’ve been dating for years and still no ring.

14. You, after finding someone who isn’t completely terrible:

15. Your parents, when you finally get engaged:


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