It’s okay to brag about achievements, money, outfits, skills, etc. But there are some things you shouldn’t brag about because it’s not the flex you think it is. 

Here are 11 things people brag about that they shouldn’t. 

They’re blunt

People will insult you and say, “I’m just blunt”. Uh no. You’re rude and disrespectful; there’s a difference. Another way they put it is, “I have no filter.” Girl, please. 

How toxic they are 

“I can be very toxic. I meet people and ghost them…” Why are you bragging about your bad personality trait, please? You need to get therapy. 

Students failing your class

Everyone had at least one of these teachers in their university. They’d brag about how hard their class is and how people hardly ever pass, and they’d be so proud. Sir, if people are always failing your class, doesn’t that mean you’re a bad teacher? You should be fired. 

How crazy they can be

Nigerians always like to brag about how crazy they are or can be. “Don’t try me. I’m a mad person”. I understand Nigeria is a mad place, and you need to have small madness to survive here. But must you brag about it?

How much they’ve suffered 

You complain that you’re going through something, and this person feels the need to tell you they’ve been through worse. They always have stories of how much they’ve suffered. Nobody has suffered more than them in this life. 

I’m a flirt 

Okay, thanks for telling me not to date you. 

Not caring what others think 

It’s good to not live your life based on the opinions of others. But if you constantly have to tell people you don’t care what other people think, you lowkey do care. 

How much they can drink

The fact that you can drink a lot of alcohol and not get drunk isn’t a flex. You’re destroying your liver. Fix up. 

How hard they work 

“I work for 22 hours straight and only get one hour of sleep.” This isn’t healthy in any way. It can lead to illness or even death. And when you die from exhaustion, everyone and everything will move on. Please, rest, dear. 

How nice they are 

If you have to mention it, it’s not true. 

How they turned out just fine despite their toxic experiences 

“My father used to beat me and lock me in the closet without food and water for days. But I turned out fine.” First of all, abuse is definitely not something to brag about. Secondly, no, you didn’t turn out just fine. You have lot of psychological issues, you just don’t know it yet. 

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