Yesterday, many Nigerians on Twitter were shocked to find out that Lagos isn’t the only place where agberos operate. Apparently, Onitsha is also a hot spot for thug activity. Twitter users shared their experiences yesterday and it’s hilarious.

It all started with this tweet:

Imagine standing on your own and someone walks up to you to bill you for standing in his territory. Like, oga if you want to rob me, rob me. Which one is territory again?

Unsurprisignly, people found the tweet extremely relatable and decided to share their own experiences as well.

This one will always be wild to me. Must everyone carry luggage? Wahala for who dey travel light inside Onitsha o.

The more people shared their experiences, the more apparent it became that Onitsha thugs extort people for the silliest reasons. Look at this one for example:

How can you bill someone for crossing the road? What if the person is just going home? What if the person doesn’t have money?

Apparently, extorting people for crossing is a thing because other people have been billed for crossing gutters.

These experiences are hilarious, but some aren’t as funny.

If you laughed at this one, you’re going to hell. No questions asked.

This person had a similar experience too, but at least they didn’t beat them.

If these tweets have taught us anything, it’s that you must never be caught carrying luggage in Onitsha without the agberos’ consent.

Once again, a silly excuse — “Hey, I see you’ve decided to stress yourself by carrying your luggage by yourself instead of renting a wheelbarrow. For this, pay ₦100. Next time you try to be independent, you will remember this day.”

This one is crazy because it’s not that they were selling nose masks. They were just billing people that didn’t have nosemasks. Covid class captains.

This last one didn’t happen in Onitsha, but it was in the thread and I couldn’t resist. Apparently, Ekpoma is wild too.

I can’t even lie, this one is hilarious.

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