We used to think village people were the problem, and for a period, they might have been. But now, it’s artificial intelligence (AI). While you’re crying and fighting PHCN, shitty internet providers and all the many weapons Nigeria has fashioned against you, your employer is asking ChatGPT to write a draft of your termination letter. 

So instead of dragging a job with AI, why don’t you just find something it can’t steal? 

Here are some options for you:

Popping out babies

Meme of Nigerian mother asking you to pay her money

Even if you don’t agree, your Nigerian parents have you as their retirement plan. So maybe it’s time to consider having kids who’ll send you monthly allowances for bringing them to life. The only thing AI will get from Nigerians is unending requests because hospitals don’t have enough space for women’s antenatal, talkless of AI’s.

Pro: You’ll reap the fruits of your labour literally.

Con: What if your kids don’t rate you?

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Start selling akara 

Grid of a picture of an akara seller on the left and a meme of pawpaw counting money

Do you know how much people make from selling akara? Sure AI can write a 1500-word article from a single prompt, but you see that roadside akara recipe? It can only be passed down through generations. So get a small space in front of your house, and people will come and beg you to take their money in exchange for hot oily akara. 

Pro: You’ll only have to work mornings and evenings, and people will pay you in cash.

Con: There are no cons, please.

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Open a POS shop

Meme of pawpaw representing a POS person with the words, "I can do and undo"

If we’ve seen anything these past few months, it’s that POS people are the real ballers. They don’t just make you beg them to take your money, they’re also quick to change it for you if you try nonsense. So while AI can tell you where the money is, only POS people possess the power needed to actually dispense the cash. 

Pro: Everybody will be rushing you

Con: You may have to sleep overnight at the bank to get cash

Become a bridesmaid or groomsman for hire 

Gif of Pawpaw describing his business

With the number of owambes in Nigeria, this cash cow is waiting to be discovered. Even if you don’t want a wedding, try burial ceremonies; at least you’ll finally be able to put all your tears to good use. The best part is AI will even give you ideas on how to land new clients, because that’s its job.  

Pro: You get paid to eat free food and party 

Con: Your weekends are no longer yours

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Enter politics 

Meme of Buhari holding the frames of his glasses and smiling

Whether you want to be a politician or an agbero aid, it doesn’t matter. Just have a structure, and you’re good to go. You think AI can compete with the photoshopping, church tours, snatching of ballot boxes or any of the craziness that goes on in Nigerian politics? Lol, AI is all about living the soft life inside behind a screen so it’ll leave all that drama for you to deal with.  

Pro: You don’t even have to do any work

Con: They’ll constantly drag you online

Become a babalawo 

Meme of Odunlade frowning and dressed as a babalawo

This job requires little capital; just get a red cloth, black eyeliner, white chalk,a mirror and throw in some cowries for a little razzle-dazzle. We’d like to see an AI attempt to turn someone into a tuber of yam or harvest the left testicle of a mosquito to use for money rituals. 

Pro: You can punish all your haters
Con: You’re always a step away from madness

Become a Zikoko writer 

Meme of someone pointing in affirmation

We know AI is great, but it doesn’t have the bandwidth to tell you when you started secondary school or rank Nigerian songs according to twerkability

Pro: AI can never match your crase

Con: You’ll have to crase 

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