1. When everyone starts asking for your husband or wife 20 minutes after your graduation.

2. When you are till looking for a job but your parents behave like you are just playing.

3. When all the job offers are looking for a fresh graduate with 2 years experience.

4. When you see your salary offer, and it’s at least 50% less than you expected.

5. When everyone in the office treats your boss like one alpha and omega, you’re like:

6. Now that you have a job, this is you when your mates are talking!

7. When you are already tired of life in the office one month into your job.

8. When you find out how much partners are earning and it’s like your salary is not up to their lunch allowance.

9. When people start trying to borrow money because they heard you have a job.

10. This is you, torn between a miserable working life and happy unemployment.



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