The stress was real.

2. You, halfway into every single Yoruba class:

No time.

3. When you see Yoruba class for double period on the timetable.

Who did we offend?

4. You, during Yoruba class pretending you understand what is happening.

Can this period end?

5. When the Yoruba teacher picks you to read a passage for the class.

Hay God!

6. When your Yoruba teacher tells you to translate a poem from English to Yoruba.

Do you mean me well?

7. When the invigilator gives you the question paper but you have already finished shading your obj sheet.

The power of guessing.

8. How the students who can’t speak Yoruba see the exam questions:

What is this?

9. When your teacher separates you from all your Yoruba friends.

Is it fair?

10. When someone asks for extra sheet during Yoruba exam.

Who is this one?

11. When you just write Yoruba song lyrics for your essay and submit.

“Gongo Aso kutupu awu…”

12. You, mixing Yoruba and English during your exam like:

I’ve tried, abeg.

13. When you managed to know the Yoruba word, but you still fail because of wrong intonation marks.

Are you not evil?

14. You, after every Yoruba exam:

You already know you have banged.


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