1. When people ask you what “cream” you are using:

It’s the glory of God oh!

2. When people ask if you are “a half caste”:

It’s like you people don’t know that word is offensive sha!

3. When people automatically assume you are Igbo:

So it’s now by force abi?

4. When “oyinbo” becomes your nickname:

How about something different for a change? PLEASE!

5. When you misbehave small and people start shouting “it’s because she is yellow oh”:

Ahn ahn!

6. When people imply your light skin got you something you worked hard for:

You better not allow yourself be an unfortunate human being!

7. When people talk about being light skinned like it’s a skill:

You better allow your head be correct!

8. When a man thinks saying “I like you because of your yellow” is a compliment.

My personality and brain that one is just decoration abi?

9. When you see a job description that includes “light skinned”:

What type of skill is it oh?

10. When you reject someone’s advances and they imply it’s because you are light skinned and therefore very proud:

I say I don’t like you!


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