1. “Just manage him you will fall in love eventually”.

Is he a plate?

2. “Don’t let him know the real you, when you have now married you can show your true colours.”

What kind of 419 is that?

3. “Cheating is inevitable, just manage it!”

It’s your own that is inevitable.

4. “He doesn’t know what he wants but he will soon realise it’s you.”

You people will put someone in trouble soon!

5. “Men are a prize so you have to manage what you see.”

See lies from the devil!

6. “Men love stress, so make sure you do just that.”

Can you imagine?

7. “If he is not spending money on you, he is spending money on someone else so chop it all.”

Human being or rat?

8. “Your money is your money, his money is our money.”

Get out please!


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