1. When you entered SS1 and you thought the entire subject was about reproduction.


2. But then you realized that Biology had more notes than all your other subjects combined.


3. When you’re not even in science class but Biology was still compulsory.

Fix your lives.

4. The struggle to stay awake in class.

Don’t wake me up.

5. When you ran away from sciences because of drawing but you still have to draw stupid fishes in Biology class.

Kuku kill me.

6. When you see “Biology – Double period”.

This is what hell must feel like.

7. When Biology class starts and it suddenly feels like there are 2 hours in one minute.

Who did I offend?

8. How you feel after studying Biology for one term.

Epp me.

9. When you’re looking for the application of Mitosis and Meiosis in Economics or Law or Accounting.

Still can’t find it.

10. When you don’t understand the whole course but it’s not something that someone can explain.

I’m done.

11. How you feel in a Biology Multiple choice exam.

We learnt all these?

12. When you see the future doctors putting Biology on their JAMB form.

Do  you, boo!

13. How you look through the subject requirements to gain university admission to make sure Biology is not there.

I don’t want.

14. When someone says Biology is their favorite subject.

Also who asked you?!

15. When you enter the Biology lab and the smell hits you.

You people will die if you spray air freshener?

16. When it’s time for practicals and you cannot remember how to identify anything.

I kent unsten.

17. When it’s time to dissect animals.


18. When the bell rings and Biology period is over.



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