1. When you dream NEPA brought light:

Dreams money can buy!

2. When you realise it’s not a dream and there is actually light:


3. How you rush to charge all your electrical devices:

My phone oh!

4. You quickly pump water and fill all the drums and buckets in the house with water.

So at least somebody can bath and do one or two things!

5. You sharply microwave what you want to eat!


6. Then you consider the merits of cooking now you can use blender and microwave.

Shall I? Shall I not?

7. Then you remember that if you cook and PHCN takes light all the food will spoil.


8. You quickly turn on the air conditioner so the house will be cool.

Like a freezer !

9. Then you wash your clothes:

Na wa oh how did these dirty clothes become so many? Are they breeding?

10. Then you iron all your clothes that are rough!

Work! Work! Work!

11. Now you’ve finished your work and balanced to watch TV…

Finally someone can enjoy life!

12. … NEPA collects the light they borrowed you!

AHN AHN! Is it good?


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