This is probably one of the top 5 most frustrating emails to get at anytime of the day. Majority of us have gotten one or two daily emails from Dr. Azolibe and his cohorts. Tiring! Annoying! It is a scam!

When you see “1 new email” and it is Dr. Azolibe’s “How to last longer in bed”.

What is all this rubbish for God’s sake?

Someone unfortunately picks your phone and you did not close the email page.

See, don’t act like that. It’s not what it looks like, I can explain.

So you begin to think.

Who gave these people my email address?

And you feel it is one of your exes.

Wow, so just because we broke up badly, you’re doing me dirty.

Hey! Its not your ex. It is a spam service. Don’t curse him/her yet.

It’s a scam website that got your email address from the Internet.

1. First thing to do “Mark as Spam”.

This will ensure all subsequent emails go to the spam folder directly.

2. Look for every other account that sends those emails and do the same.

Dr. Azolibe, Dee Obinna, Engineer Obi all of you must go today. No I don’t want a Samsung and my girlfriend is not complaining!

3. Put them all on a spam reporting website.

They must all rot in there! Mad People.

4. Stop clicking ads online.

No,  don’t be deceived nobody is trying to meet you in your area.

5. Stop putting your email address on untrusted and unpopular websites.

They are not going to email you any offers. That is Dr. Azolibe and his family members.

6. Download an “Ad Blocker” Software!

Keep those nuisances off your internet browser.


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