1. Regina Askia

One time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Regina Askia successfully transitioned from modelling to acting and gave us breath taking performances in movies like Full Moon and Most Wanted. We found out that she got married, moved to America with her family and is now a registered nurse.

2. Susan Patrick

Susan Patrick lit our screens up when she played the title role in “Sakobi the Girl”. She was one of the Nollywood A-listers in her day but her career kind of went off track when her husband died in 2006. She tried breaking back into the industry later on but just couldn’t. Sad.

3. Sandra Achums

Sandra was a legit leading lady in the 1990’s starring in hits like Domitilla, Deadly Affair and Ashanti (LOL!). We found out that she gave up the up the life of fame for matrimony and now only pops up in the news when she’s having a new baby.

4. Ernest Obi

Ernest Obi was an actor and sometimes director known for movies like Love Crime, Daytime Lovers and Italian Deal. He suddenly vanished from the public eye and we found out that things haven’t been so rosy for him. APPARENTLY, his ex-wife accused him of impregnating his step-daughter several times and subjecting her to countless abortions. WHAT THE HELL FAM?!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Saint Obi

The dictionary definition of Nollywood leading man, Saint Obi was on all our screens playing leading roles in movies like Candle Light and Sakobi the Snake Girl. We all thought he quit the business when he stopped showing up in movies but he said himself that he was still active. When asked why he wasn’t in anything recent, he said that even though he gets a lot of movie role offers, he turns them down because of their quality. We’re not saying that it’s a lie but we’re saying that it sounds LIKE a lie.

6. Charles Okafor

Known for movies like Sting, World of Riches and End of The Wicked, Charles Okafor was a major presence in Nollywood but has been in anything in recent times. When asked why, he said that he has found Jesus and therefore can’t just be in any script that doesn’t give a positive message. We hope he’s happy.

7. Shan George

Light skinned beauty, Shan George was known for movies like Outkast (that was really infamous for all its nudity), Thorns of Rose and Welcome to Nollywood. After an attempt at a music career (remember that her abomination of a song? LOL!) she attempted to make a comeback by starring in a terrible movie named “Prada” about female footballers that was so terrible NO ONE saw it in cinemas so they sold it to Silverbird who broke it down into episodes and tried to pass it off as a series. It was still terrible.

8. Eucharia Anunobi

Who could possibly forget fabulous Eucharia and her batshit crazy fashion sense (remember her makeup and eyebrows?! LOL)? She was fabulous in movies like Abuja Connection, Dorathy My Love and Glamour Girls. Eucharia left the movie business to become an Evangelist. The only thing funny about this is that she still makes up like an ancient chinese demon. LOL!

9. Hanks Anuku

Hanks Anuku was Nollywood’s bad boy. No literally, he played the role of the ‘bad boy’ in EVERY movie. He also almost always played a Nigerian who went to school in America and just got back. Nollywood stereotypes are the worst. He was in movies like Men on the hard way, Wanted Alive and Bitter Honey. Last we heard of him, he had relocated to Ghana and become an official Ghanaian. When asked why, he cited Nigeria’s seemingly eternal economic crisis as the reason. We feel your pain, Hanks. Also there was that time he was accused of giving his wife AIDS though he said that wasn’t true sha.

10. Ndidi Obi

Remember her? How could you not?! She was the lead in one of the most iconic Nollywood movies of all time, Nneka the Pretty Serpent. Problem is that since then, she hasn’t been in much stuff. We did some digging and found out that in 2013, she became an official in her church. Good for you, Ndidi.

11. Francis Duru

Star of the epic movie, Rattlesnake, he vanished from the public eye. We know he’s married happily with kids but we don’t know exactly what he’s up to.

12. Ernest Asuzu

Having been in movies like Royal War and Campus Queen,  Ernest Asuzu disappeared from the public eye while being involved in a lot of controversies that led to rumours about his sanity. We heard that he found Jesus. Good for him.

13. Obot Etuk

It has been said that that Obot Etuk was the queen of supporting roles that played supporting roles long enough to convince people that she was leading lady material. Rumor has it that she gave up on the movie business when she realized she would never be among the A-listers. No one has seen her since.

14. Hilda Dokubo

Hilda Dokubo could cry!Jesus! She was damn good at it too. If you need proof, checkout this screenshot of her official Wikipedia photo.
HER OFFICIAL WIKIPEDIA PHOTO IS OF HER CRYING! LMAO! Anyways, she was in awesome movies like End of the wicked and Light and Darkness. She hasn’t been in much over the last decade but we did find out that she played a supporting role in the 2015 movie, Stigma and this role won her an Africa Movie Academy Award.

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