1. How you felt when you first heard “GREAT LIONS AND LIONESSES!”:


2. When you were still eating at Chitis in 100L and your wallet was just looking at you like:

You will soon find your level.

3. When you wake up and the first thing that comes to your mind is going to chow at Santa Villa.

Akpu of life.

4. Your face, whenver you hear “OKPA DI OKU”.


5. Your network, as soon as you step into Abuja building.

It will just vanish.

6. This annoying struggle:

The worst!

7. When you tell a babe you stay at Odenigwe or Hilltop.

Bye, sir!

8. How lawn tennis court looks when exams are close:

Oshey, prayer warriors.

9. When someone tells you they are studying Statistics.

Good luck oh!

10. Whenever a girl sees Akionu approaching them.

Just run.

11. When you go to NSLT for night class and you see people forming love.

Better read your book.

12. UNN girls and their pee bucket.


13. When UNN security will be doing oversabi like they are FBI.

Chill, abeg.

14. When staff kids come and spoil your show with their parent’s cars:

Carry your 504 and be going, biko.

15. When you go to CEC to chill and you see frat boys holding meeting.


16. The queue for Mama Ebuka’s yam beans:

Saving lives since forever.

17. You, turning up at Grace Manor on Friday.

The best!

So, what UNN memories do you have? Share them in the comments section.


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