1. You, chopping mouth during the school anthem until it’s time to shout…

That’s the only part you know.

2. When a Uniport babe sees a group of Nelson Mandela boys.

Just dodge them.

3. You and your guys, queuing up in front of Mama Abuja like:


4. How TBD looks once exam time table comes out:

They will now come with pillow to “read”.

5. UPTH and “no bed space”:

All. The. Time.

6. How the Man O’ War in school saw themselves:

Always doing the most.

7. When you see couples loving up at Love Garden in Delta Park.

Don’t go and read your book.

8. How you queue to enter shuttle at Abuja park:

The worst.

9. When 4 different classes are holding at the Arena at the same time.

LCS struggles.

10. How people pray when it’s time to write basic or certificate exams:

It’s now that you remember God, abi?

11. Whenever you finish climbing the stairs at Ofrima.

Kuku kill me.

12. How 70% of the students go to town as soon as weekend reaches:


13. When you see that old pastor between Delta Park and Choba preaching about hell fire.

Stop judging me.

14. How you hail pharmacy students that have managed to reach final year:

Na you oh!

15. When you see your guy that is owing you money eating at Emmatex or Sunnas.

This one must be mad.


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