Whether you do it in your father’s village or it’s a destination wedding in Dubai, no Nigerian wedding can be complete if the menu doesn’t include these dishes.

Small chops

It’s written in the Nigerian constitution that you must serve small chops as a starter at your wedding.

Jollof rice

We’ve not done proper research but it might be a criminal offense not to serve Jollof rice at your wedding. In fact, it’s just unheard of. And if it’s not firewood Jollof it doesn’t count.


What’s jollof rice without spicy leaf wrapped moin-moin to go with it?

Fried rice

A standard plate of Nigerian wedding food has Jollof rice on one side and Fried rice on the other. The two just compliment each other.

Coleslaw and/or dodo to go with the rice.

Do you expect your guests to just be eating rice and meat like that? You have to garnish the rice with either coleslaw or dodo, and if you are feeling generous you put the two.

Ofada Rice & Ayamashe Sauce

Jollof and fried rice are great and all but it’s when the Ofada comes out that the real party starts.

Amala and ewedu

This is for your guests who are ready to wash hand and lose their home training. Make sure you garnish the ewedu and gbegiri with assorted

Pounded yam and efo riro

Emphasis on ‘pounded’ yam, poundo yam doesn’t count. Hot and fresh pounded yam must be on your Nigerian wedding food menu.

If you are feeling generous you can add ‘Chinese rice and sauce’ just to give your wedding some international exposure.

For all your ajebo guests.

Did we leave anything out?


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