1. When you buy yourself a new wig.


2. When your makeup is on but you haven’t grabbed your wig yet.

Wait first!

3. How you feel when your wig is on and you have to dance with sense:

The pain.

4. You, the moment you get home.

I’m free.

5. How your style changes from day to day:

Feeling like a different person everyday.

6. You vs the wind on a daily basis.

The struggle.

7. When you take your wig off in front of your family.

8. When someone knocks on your door after you’ve already taken it off.

Who is this one?

9. When your wig tries to shame you.

10. When your elastic is too tight.

Kill me oh!

11. How you feel when you make your first wig:


12. How you look at your friends when they are complaining about their braids and weaves:

Come over to the winning side.

13. When love play turns to rough play.

Behave yourself.

14. When bae finally leaves.



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