When you go to a restaurant in VI and they serve you plantain and air for eight thousand Naira

You’ll now start wondering why you didn’t just stay at home jeje.

When VIO catches you one day after your driving license expires

But is this life?

When you get to the Island and you start wondering if somebody shared Benz for them there, and didn’t call you

Seriously oh, did they do assembly and share Benzes for people on the island?

When you’re hustling back home in the danfo and you forget your nine hundred Naira change with the conductor

This thing can pain!

When salary alert finally enters, but NEPA bill and mechanic fees have already cancelled it

Next thing you know, you’re owing yourself money.

All those yeye drivers that remind you you’re still legging and splash water on you when it’s raining

Shey you people don’t see road when you’re driving? Na wa.

When you finally find your WAEC ID card to watch movie 500 Naira and they take light at the cinema

See ehn, I’m going back to my village, I cannot come and go and die.


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