1. When you’ve been in class all through the semester doing everything but listening.

But you keep telling yourself “I can still catch up”.

2. And it is time for the final exam:

Ahan the semester just started last week now!

3. But you are lucky and the instructor announces an exam review.

God bless you sir!

4. So you try to get every single word said in that class.

I’m not about to waste my tuition money!

5. But then you gauge the 90 pages you have to read:

Is this even possible?

6. But you remember how much you paid that semester:

We all gonna die on the line.

7. After 20 pages your brain says “Storage capacity reached”.

Dying on the line, suspended till further notice.

8. But as a smart person you have a plan B.

You may be smart but I am smarter.

9. Then you call your squad together:

Gentlemen, we have a problem come together.

10. To practice the seating formations and tactics:

We all have to graduate together guys.

11. Exam day and the squad about to take their positions and murder the exam.

So full of confidence and what not.

12. But the invigilator has other plans and catches on to the plan.

And he hits you with “I wasn’t born last night, you people want to cheat”.

13. And he spaces everyone out like he’s doing coordinates.

So far apart you cannot smell each others perfume anymore.

14. So you spend the first ten minutes trying to remember what you read last night:

But your brain says “LOL What a wasted effort”.

15. So you spend the next one hour calculating:

How much it will cost to re-sit for that exam and class.

16. And end up wishing you had made better decisions.

*cries in carryovers*


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