1. When you start getting unnecessarily cranky and emotional


2. So you try to figure out when last you got your period

Not now please.

3. And you realise it is that time of the month

What is this nonsense?

4. Then the killer cramps come

Death always seems like the easy option.

5. And you feel like World War 3 is happening inside of you

When will this internal battle end?!

6. So you just want to lay down and die


7. But your hormones decide to go into overdrive

And everyone suddenly becomes extra annoying.

8. And you don’t want to go out because you imagine that everyone sees you this way

A living, walking and breathing  pool of blood.

9. And you get more pimples

Is this even life?

10. And you can’t seem to make the cramps stop

Please just stop for one second.

11. Then someone says “it’s just cramps”

Face your front please.

12. And you can’t even manage to sneeze without this happening

Ordinary sneezing o.

13. Then your breasts become super sensitive

Please just stay 5 feet away.

14. And you can’t even lie down comfortably

What is life?

15. And it feels like it’s never going to end

No seriously, kuku just kill me.

16. But at last it does and you remember

Praise the Lord!


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