1. Once you wake up, the first thing you do is check your phone for Twitter and Instagram

Smh, when your friends are firing prayer!

2. You have at least one profile picture with this filter:

3. Your face when you drop a funny status/tweet and nobody comments on it:

Why is life so #?

4. When you put a post on Instagram and it gets 100 likes in the first twenty minutes

Izz not easy abeg!

5. When you put up a post on Instagram and you’re struggling to pass 15 likes after two days

You;ll now be wondering: ‘abi I’m not fine again?’

6. If your house is burning, Twitter must hear it first before anybody else

Because, priorities!

7. You can’t even count how many times you almost entered gutter because you were pressing phone

Lol, don’t lie, this is you!

8. Once bae annoys you, you’ll find all the posts to sub his life so he’ll see it on his Facebook/Twitter

He has to feel your pain too after all.

9. Did you even go for that party if your Snapchat friends don’t have updates every 5 minutes?

If you don’t carry them along, who will?

10. When you put a fire selfie on Snapchat and your crush finally views it

Mission accomplished!


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