1. So someone has added you to another Whatsapp group.

2. As if your life is not hard enough.

3. Now people are talking rubbish in your phone.

4. Asking you stupid questions.

5. Sending foolish broadcasts.

6. How did this become a part of your life?

7. The solution is easy isn’t it? Just leave!

8. But that’s where the wahala starts.

9. When you leave the chat there is an announcement like you stole something.

10. People will now be judging you.

11. Messaging you privately to ask why.

12. So you start doing calculations on how to leave.

13. Then you come up with a plan!

14. So, you pick a stupid fight and escalate it!

15. Then in the heat of the argument you leave the conversation.

16. Now nobody can drag you back!

17. And better yet all those annoying people won’t talk to you because they are still angry with you!

18. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how you leave a whatsapp group!


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