1. So you’ve been busy having a life and when you check your phone you have 10 missed calls.

2. Because you have home training, you decide to call back.

3. First of all, the person doesn’t pick up the phone because they are now proud.

4. And then you remember the person even owes you money.

5. So you start hoping they are calling you to ask where they should send the money.

6. You try to call again and once again get sent to voicemail.

7. So you send a text like a normal person.

8. Then they don’t return your phone call or reply your text for 3 days.

9. Then you see them subbing you on social media, talking about rude people that don’t pick up the phone!

10. When they finally get back in contact, they say they “just wanted to say hello and catch up”.

11. So that’s why you were calling me as if someone died?

12. And using my credit to merry go round and round about?

13. Later if you block people’s numbers they will say you are rude.

14. Anyway, you can’t get too angry because they are still owing you money and you need it back.



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