1. When you wake up 5 minutes before morning prep.

Hay God!

2. When you hear the bell for prep and a senior starts counting “1…2…3…”

Run for your life.

3. When you and your guys are stabbing prep and you hear them searching.

Chai! Who sent me message?

4. What afternoon prep looks like:

Everyone just comes to finish their siesta.

5. When they cancel night prep because the generator is not working.

Turn up!

6. When a prep supervisor catches you sleeping and you start denying.

I was just meditating on what I read.

7. When you still have to go for prep on a public holiday.


8. You, entering night prep when you get there late:

The struggle.

9. You, pretending to read when you see your principal.

Let me deceive myself.

10. When the class hears the sound of someone opening a food wrapper.

Share the love na.

11. When the prefect that asked for list of noisemakers doesn’t collect it.

Take that ela.

12. How boys surround girls when they take light during night prep:

Urgh no respect at all.

13. When you get back from prep and you see your locker open.

Just kill me.


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