1. When you’re going to do Mogbo Moya but you still dress like parent of the celebrant.

Mogbo Moya = “I hear, I branch”

2. You, calling the person that told you about the party when you see bouncers at the gate.

Where is this one?

3. When you find out that the person that told you to come was not even invited.

“It’s actually the bride’s tailor’s neighbor that told me about the party.”

4. How the guests look at you when you enter and you’re not wearing the dress code:

No vex!

5. When you realize you actually don’t know anyone at the event.

Who sent me message?

6. When people start using style to ask you which of the celebrants you know.

Uhm *coughs* Actually…

7. When they ask you to “please move” to the back and you have to carry all your shame and go.

Is this my life?

8. How the people sharing food look at you when you try to call them:


9. When the owambe is not even sweet but you remember you don’t have the right to complain.

Let me just shut up.

10. When they finish serving food to the real guests and give you bottom pot rice without meat.

Hay God! I’ve now turned to dog.

11. You, when they ask the friends of the celebrant to come and take pictures.

Don’t look at me.

12. When it’s now time to dance and you still do more than the people they actually invited.

All this gbedu cannot waste.

13. When all the souvenirs they are sharing are just passing you by.

Chei! It’s not your fault sha.


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