In Nigeria, one of the major problems we have is that people don’t like facing their work, and so to help make the country a much better place we have compiled a list of people that need to face their work and do it now!

1. The Nigerian Executive who needs to stop travelling and face their govermenting work

My friend sit down in one place!

2. Senators and House of Reps members need to stop fighting and face their legislature work

Is that what we sent you to do?

3. Telecommunications companies need to stop doing bonanza and promo and face their phone calls and data work

Must we beg you for data that we paid for?

4. Pharmacists need to stop judging people buying condoms and face their medicine dispensing work

Last last, you people will be alright.

5. Nigerian policemen need to leave their egunje paroles and face their work

Thief has not finished in Nigeria for you people to catch oh. In case you people are not aware.

6. LASTMA need to stop jumping inside people’s cars and face their traffic management work

Is this traffic safety? Ehn?

7. Nigerian civil servants need to stop striking every other month and face their work

Will you go back to the office? Unserious bunch!

8. CBN needs to stop banning items eligible for forex and face their work

Do those ones even know their work because the inflation rate begs to differ.

9. Nigerian banks need to stop painting buildings and sponsoring events and face their money management work

Every day na so so media partnership but to send alert is wahala.

10. NYSC needs to stop stressing young Nigerians and face their “increasing harmony across the nation” work

I mean just look at!

11. NEPA needs to stop cutting people’s light and face their light-giving work

NEPA wires

12. Nigerian pastors need to stop preaching jagbajantis and face their “Jesus is coming” work

Plus the faulty economics, plus the entrepreneurship for dummies sermons, plus the yanma yanma relationship coaches. All join.

13. EFCC needs to stop making announcements and face their “nabbing financial criminals” work

Not everyday make announcement, sometimes allow criminals enter jail.

14. OAP’s need to stop chooking their mouth in every and any body’s business and face their radio work

If you don’t join your mouth will you die?

15. Nigerian extended family members need to face their own family and leave other people’s children alone

Better stop talking before we expose your own children here!

16. Nigerians on social media need to face their front and stop tweeting nonsense relationship advice

Not everyday “soul ties” and “nudes”. Sometimes keep shut!

17. Nigerian teachers and principals need to stop beating students like goats and face their education work

18. In fact, everybody

Please and thank you

This message is brought to you by Zikoko! Where we face our work.


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