1. You, turning up on the last Sunday thanksgiving service:

Turn up for Jesus.

2. How you wake up on your graduation day:


3. When you see that lecturer that said you wouldn’t graduate.

Twerk on them haters.

4. You and your crew, stepping out in your graduation kacks like:

As bad guys.

5. When you have to cover it up with your ugly graduation gown.

Why na?

6. When people ask you what CGPA you graduated with.

Have I not graduated ni?

7. You, giving your parents your certificate after they forced you to do Engineering:

Shebi you’re happy now?

8. When your course mates are crying and hugging each other and you’re just there like:

Do and go abeg.

9. When your parents invite the whole street to your graduation ceremony.


10. The unofficial Nigerian graduation picture:

This pose is a must.

11. When you wake up the day after and you realise you don’t have to go to school.


12. When you ask your father for money and he reminds you that you’re a graduate.

Ah! Is it like that?

13. When you haven’t finished enjoying freedom and they bring up masters.


14. When you suddenly have to start worrying about NYSC posting.

What is it sef?

15. When you remember that you’ll soon have to get a real job.

I’m not ready to start adulting.


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