1. How you feel when you activate a new data bundle:


2. When you don’t want wahala.

3. The pain you feel when this comes up:

The worst.

4. You, trying to remember what you did that you’re already getting data warning.

How did this happen?

5. When you actually stop and calculate how much you spend on data in a month.

Jah Jehovah!

6. When they don’t warn you that data has finished and you use up all your credit.

I’m dead.

7. When one app says its update is available.

Better stay like that.

8. You, whenever you go somewhere that has wifi.

Abeg. Epp me out.

9. When you forget to turn on the wifi and realize you’ve been using your data.

See my life.

10. When your service provider “dashes” you 10 MB.

To use and do what?

11. When the wifi is slow so you have to turn it off and use your own data.

This was not the plan.

12. When someone abroad says they want to skype with you.

No thanks.

13. You, whenever your data finishes:

Oh God! Please no.

14. How you see your phone when there is no data:

Might as well throw it away.


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