Dating in Nigeria is a battle so you gats be prepared! Here are all the types of Nigerian men you are bound to meet:

1. The young man – He texts like spelling is something of a struggle and has to ask his mum for permission before he takes you on a date.

Which one is “wots popn?”

2. The silver fox – You know you are wasting each others time but it’s ok like that.


3. The one with international exposure – Always making reference to his days back in “da unaded keendom” or “U S of A”.

Let us hear word oh!

4. The local champion – He doesn’t even bother speaking english.

And he’s okay like that.

5. The one that is always too serious.

Not everyday parables, sometimes just talk normally.

6. The class clown – This one thinks everything is a joke and refuses to be serious.

If you don’t joke will you die?

7. The one that always has “money issues”.

He’s not broke, he’s just upcoming.

8. The rich man – Nobody knows where his money comes from but it’s there sha.

Na Baba God.

9. The troublemaker

One day, one trouble.

10. The lover – all he knows is late night calls and pet names.

Oga wake up, this is not telanovella.

11. The regular nice guy – He’s single, kind, funny and responsible, hardworking and really likes you.

He also doesn’t exist. Wake up.


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