Not every time Jollof rice, sometimes try the healthy dish that is coconut rice. Blessed with so many coconut trees, Badagry people sure know how to make a mean rice dish with coconut. As usual, we’ll be blessing you with this quick recipe –  don’t say we don’t do nice things for you!

1. For the rice, you’ll need:

2. First, you’ll need to break the coconut to get the most important ingredient, the coconut meat.

3. Next, blend the coconut meat with water until smooth.

4. Boil the coconut milk with meat stock for some minutes.

5. Add the washed rice, pepper, onions and of course, season with Maggi cubes and Maggi Mixpy for that extra spicy taste – cook this until the rice becomes soft.

6. Next, add the prawns, chopped bell peppers and the rest of the vegetables to the cooking pot.

7. Cover the pot with a sheet of foil paper- let it simmer for 10 minutes.

8. Stir together with a wooden spoon and your delicious coconut rice is done!

You can watch the breakdown of this recipe in the video below:

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