1. Ide Esu

If the fear of God didn’t scare you off doing blood money we are pretty sure Ide Esu did.

2. Agbara Nla (The Ultimate Power)

You are lying if hearing ‘Ayamantaga’ wasn’t enough to give you sleepless nights.

3. One Careless Night

Moral lesson here? Fornication will ruin your life.

4. Captives Of The Mighty

If you didn’t start praying against spirit husbands after watching this then you are not a serious person.

5. Just A Little Sin

Big sin o, small sin o, repent or you’ll end up in hell fire.

6. Blood On The Altar

Again, stop fornicating! If you fornicate you’ll get pregnant and die.

7. Apoti Eri

Quick summary: they can’t use you for ritual if you are a child of God.

8. The Covenant Child

Just to remind you, that you can’t steal from God.

9. The Great Mistake

Before Karashika there was Titi, Queen of the Marine Spirits.

10. The Wounded Heart

Only Jesus can stop Nigerian men from cheating.


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