1. Your very own house

You’ll even burst your head and say you would have built a duplex.

2. You probably thought you’d have your own business with branches sef

In this change economy? When we’re still begging NYSC allowance to come through for boys.

3. You’d be married with children by now

For where, you that you’re still answering what you like to do for fun.

4. Maybe even had your first degree and a masters

Lol, the way carry-over shocked you, you’re just begging university to let you go!

5. About two cars, one for you, and another for bae

LOL, wasn’t it you, we saw fighting with conductor for change last week?

6. You’ll be travelling around the world whenever you’re bored

Now, the only holiday you can afford is a public holiday!

7. But it’s all good, there’s still time. We go dey alright!



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